oh my my my!!!! : mat and ash photography update


holy wow, wow, wow!!! if you are reading this you have reached our blog!

I must apologize to those of you that have reached this neglected blog and are seeing the last post is from January of 2016.

I’m happy to say this has been one of the best years I’ve ever been blessed with in business. The couples, locations, vendors, so many beautiful people and locations I’ve been. One of the issues I’ve had with this blog is the presentation, so at this point you could definitely say that this is¬†heavily¬†under construction. I’m leaving it up so you can view all the beautiful past sessions we have had, but for now and most recent work I suggest you check out our [instagram by clicking here! @matandash]

I’ll be back in a couple weeks to start the overhaul of this blog to make sure it’s up to our website’s standards! once it is I’ll be updating it with every session I had this year! so prepare to drool with me as we get to re-live it all over again!

xoxo, always

mat and ash<3


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